Genome-wide association study reveals three susceptibility loci for common migraine in the general population.

Authors: Chasman DI, Schürks M, Anttila V, de Vries B, Schminke U, Launer LJ, Terwindt GM, van den Maagdenberg AM, Fendrich K, Völzke H, Ernst F, Griffiths LR, Buring JE, Kallela M, Freilinger T, Kubisch C, Ridker PM, Palotie A, Ferrari MD, Hoffmann W, Zee RY, Kurth T.

Migraine is a common and often debilitating disorder affecting up to 20% of the population, women 3–4 times more often than men. Clinically, migraine manifests with recurrent attacks of headache associated with gastrointestinal and autonomic nervous system symptoms. Up to one third of patients may also experience transient focal neurological symptoms known as aura.

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Sonja Schmidt